Supply chain management

GMT has set up and operates supply chain services in some of the most challenging markets in the world. Our experience and commitment are valuable assets for companies seeking global logistics services in the regions where we operate.

The services we offer

Our current network allows us to independently manage logistics from port to end site for customers. This service covers loading port agency, shipping, unloading port agency and stevedoring, customs clearance and forwarding, local logistics and trucking.

With specialists throughout the process, GMT offers dedicated end-to-end services in the markets we serve.


Our partnerships are long term. Our goal is to provide 100% door-to-door services for general merchandise and projects. To facilitate our global operations, we maintain a number of mutually rewarding partnerships with some of the world's most respected names in the transportation industry.

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Supply Chain Services

GMT operates a tightly integrated international logistics network, working across the spectrum of

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Related Areas of Expertise


Many of our customers have an ongoing need for transportation infrastructure in the places we do business.

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